• Segway® HT

    The core technology for self-balancing personal transporters, such as the famous Segway® HT Human Transporter, is protected by a portfolio of patents secured by Sunstein. Patented features make the Segway® HT intuitive to ride, control and steer.

  • Electric Motors

    Sunstein won, and defended on an appeal, a $25 million judgement for our client Comair Rotron, including a rare award of treble damages and attorney’s fees, based on the willfulness of the defendant’s infringement of a patent for technology that improves the operation and lowers the cost of manufacturing electric motors.

  • Pregnancy Test

    In federal court in San Diego, Sunstein won a judgement of validity and infringement of Abbott Laboratories’ patent for strip immunoassay technology technology used in pregnancy test kits.

  • Stirling Engine

    Stirling engines use externally applied heat to deliver clean, quiet power for a variety of applications. We have secured a portfolio of patents for New Power Concepts LLC that relate to mechanical components of Stirling cycle heat engines. One patent relates to the engine’s operating efficiency and durability, while significantly reducing size, complexity and cost.

Winning at IPRs

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. v. Arendi S.A.R.L.

Samsung attacked our client’s patent in the Patent Trial and Appeal Board (PTAB) on grounds of obviousness. We persuaded the PTAB that an element of the claims was not disclosed by the cited references and thus prevented the inter partes review from even being instituted.

Motorola Mobility LLC, Google Inc., and Apple Inc. v. Arendi S.A.R.L.

Motorola, Google and Apple attacked the same patent as Samsung raising several additional grounds. Our arguments carried the day and the inter partes review was not instituted, freeing our client’s patent for unfettered assertion in court.

A.C. Dispensing Equipment Inc. v. Prince Castle LLC

We filed a petition for A.C. Dispensing requesting an inter partes review of a patent relating to a method for controlling the dispensing of specified volumes of liquid. The petition withstood Prince Castle’s preliminary response and the inter partes review has been instituted against all twelve claims of the patent.

Spotlight on Patents

diagram1For our client Dr. Leslie Stern of Fall River, Massachusetts, we recently obtained US Patent No. 8,460,310, describing a medical device for use in minimally invasive spine surgery.

In the News

Our Latest Thinking

  • Not surprising, but no less alarming: Following the lead of the Supreme Court’s decision in Alice, the Federal Circuit lowers the boom on yet another software patent.

  • U.S. companies would do well to weigh the pros and cons of the utility-model approach to gaining patent protection abroad.

  • Dolly the cloned sheep is denied patent protection, a sign of narrowing eligibility for innovations deemed to be products of nature.

  • The Turtles creatively use state law to assert copyrights in pre-1972 music recordings. Broadcasters face a potentially huge bill for royalties.


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