Sunstein Life Sciences Practice Group


Our team of life science practitioners provides intellectual property counsel –patent prosecution, trademark protection, and litigation– in a range of biomedical, medical device and pharmacologic areas.

No category in the IP world has burst onto the scene with more promise and more challenge than life sciences. We understand the science, law and business of this area.

The Science Side of Life Sciences

Our patent lawyers and technology specialists have a broad range of science degrees and technical expertise in such areas as biochemistry, biomedical engineering, biotechnology, chemistry, molecular biology, systems biology, medical devices, pharmaceuticals and drug discovery. See our list of representative life sciences technologies.

The Legal Side of Life Sciences

We provide our clients with strategic counsel in patent prosecution and portfolio development, clearance strategies, use of patents to maximize product life and exclusivity, trademark prosecution, patent and other IP litigation, and interference, re-examination, and inventorship disputes.

The Business Side of Life Sciences

We know our way around the maze of competitive, regulatory, litigation, and investment challenges that arise in the commercial life cycle of our clients’ products. Life science companies face ever-increasing hurdles due to regulatory changes, pricing pressures, funding ebbs and flows, outsourcing trends, competition from overseas, and the competitive interplay between 505(b)(1), 505(b)(2), and ANDA applicants. Our job is to help our life science clients dominate the marketplace for the longest term possible. Marketplace dominance does not result from patent protection alone. The importance of trademarks as well in FDA-regulated industries calls for the kind of experience that Sunstein trademark attorneys bring to the job.

The Human Side of Life Sciences

Our clients take pride in the work they do. As they strive to introduce products and services that will improve and extend lives, we, in turn, strive to develop with our clients a close and responsive working relationship, one that achieves their goals and makes us a vital partner in their success. Our life sciences clients are active in such diverse fields as pharmaceuticals, medical devices, health care, biotechnology, food, packaging, biofuels, publishing, and education.


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