Sunstein Health Care Litigation Strategy

Our firm offers representation before agencies and trial and appellate courts on all matters related to our health care practice. We are also active in negotiation, mediation and other alternatives for resolution of disputes in health care. However, where litigation is required, we aggressively pursue our clients’ interests in court and before administrative agencies.

Our approach is informed by extensive experience representing and dealing with professional providers, hospitals, health care practices, regulatory agencies, and major health care programs. We provide effective and sophisticated assistance with professional license and disciplinary matters, professional practices management issues, provider contracts and program design disputes, complex health care employment and account benefits issues, fraud and abuse compliance, and trade practices matters. Our health care litigation strategies are directed to resolutions which advance our clients’ business objectives, while preserving the fundamental principles which guide the health care profession.

If you have any questions about health care litigation or would like to discuss health care litigation in the context of your business, contact a member of our Litigation Practice Group.