Technological insight. Strategic advantage.

We have built our practice to help technology and life sciences companies address complex intellectual property challenges. We emphasize early identification of business goals and strategic planning to achieve them. We have a long track record of success in expanding and protecting our clients’ patent, trademark and copyright assets.

Patent / IP Litigation

Our trial lawyers excel at all aspects of trial practice and are unwavering in advocating the interests of our clients.

Patent Prosecution and Portfolio Development

Our Patent Practice Group includes registered patent attorneys who help our clients create valuable patent portfolios with an eye toward advancing their business objectives.

Patent Office Litigation

Our Patent Practice Group and Litigation Practice Group members team up to help our clients challenge competitors’ patents in the USPTO with an eye toward advancing our clients’ business objectives.

Trademark Portfolio Development

Our attorneys help clients create trademark portfolios to protect their brands and promote their business strategies.

Copyright Portfolio Development

We focus our efforts on ensuring that clients properly maintain copyrights and make informed choices as to when to seek copyright protection.

Business & IP Transactions

Sunstein offers a variety of corporate legal services to businesses. In particular, we help our clients develop business structures that achieve the long-term goals of investors and management.

Business Litigation

Our attorneys excel at aggressive representation of our clients in a wide range of general business litigation.

Sunstein Life Sciences Practice Group

Our team of life science practitioners provides intellectual property counsel –patent prosecution, trademark protection, and litigation– in a range of biomedical, medical device and pharmacologic areas.