LMT Boston IP Inn

Sunstein Litigation Co-Chair Lisa Tittemore, appointed to the committee of bar and court representatives that proposed significant revisions to the local rules governing patent cases in MA federal court, will be speaking on the panel presenting the new rules at a program on January 22 sponsored by the Boston IP Inn of Court.


Bruce Sunstein will present at MIT: VMS Workshop for Startups and Seasoned Inventors: Building an IP Portfolio.  Open to MIT community – Please click here to register to attend.

Corporations Cannot Be Sued for Patent Infringement in a Judicial District Simply Because Their Employees Happen to Work from Home There

The Eastern District of Texas has embraced its longtime status as a patent owner’s favorite trial court. The Federal Circuit has now cautioned that court to take seriously last summer’s Supreme Court decision restricting where corporations can be sued.

Trademark Considerations

Click here to access our slide deck clarifying strategic trademark considerations for start-ups.

We’re Not in Texas Anymore: Supreme Court Drastically Limits Where You Can Sue for Patent Infringement

Patentees have long had their choice of courts in which to file infringement lawsuits, often seeking advantage in the Eastern District of Texas. The Supreme Court has now drastically curtailed where an allegedly infringing corporation can be sued.

Non-Infringing Parties May Be Able to Challenge a Patent in an IPR, but Not Appeal the Result

No standing: A non-infringer who initiates an IPR may not be able to show sufficient stake in the outcome to appeal an adverse decision of the PTAB.

DeBlois Patent Obviousness Test

Jonathan DeBlois published in Law360 on patent “obviousness” test in the Federal Circuit. More. . .

RMA Webinar

Bob Asher will be a webinar panelist on “Obviousness After Apple v. Samsung,” Wednesday, November 2. More. . .

Rocket Pocket Technology

CBS features Rocket Pocket’s technology; patent pending by SUNSTEIN. More. . .

NEIP Law Conference 2016

Tim Murphy will co-chair New England Intellectual Property Law Conference 2016;  Tom Carey speaks on privacy and data security.  June 23, MCLE.