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The Supreme Court Changes the Rules for IPRs: The Implications for Partial Denials, Indefinite Claims and Redundant Grounds

PTAB Alert- Strategies for pursuing inter partes review (IPR) must be rethought now that the Supreme Court has required the Patent Trial and Appeal Board (PTAB) either to institute an IPR against all claims challenged by the petitioner or to deny institution altogether.

Copying Complex APIs is Not Fair Use:
The Federal Circuit Turns the Software World on its Ear

Litigation between two titans concludes with a holding that Sun’s application programming interfaces (APIs) are protectable by copyright and that Google’s copying them in order to clone the Java platform for purposes of its Android operating system was not fair use.

Lessons for BioPharma from Recent Federal Circuit Decisions on Patent Eligibility

Recent Federal Circuit decisions point to patent-drafting techniques that can redeem biopharma inventions from eligibility challenges.

Law Enforcement in the Cloud;
The U.S. Storms in and Europe Follows

Courts have grappled with whether federal warrants that target, for example, a Microsoft customer’s e-mail account, extend to digital information stored outside the US. New legislation will gladden law enforcement investigators.

Justice Delayed? Here’s Why Inter Partes Reexamination has been Replaced by Inter Partes Review

PTAB Alert- Long, winding road to Federal Circuit’s affirmance of PTAB decision in reexamination highlights the virtue of speed that the new inter partes review (IPR) procedures offer.

The Federal Circuit Continues to Uphold Some Software Patents Despite Alice

Owners of software inventions get yet another lift from the Federal Circuit, which says factual issues may thwart early challenges to patent eligibility.

Divided Patent Infringement: The Federal Circuit Doubles Down on a New Standard

The Federal Circuit has lightened the load for patent owners trying to prove that multiple parties share liability for infringement.

For Want of an Immediate Assignment of Patent Interests, Enforcement Rights Were Lost

Make sure each inventor has made an ironclad assignment of her rights, or the ability to enforce the patent will be lost.

The First Circuit Allows a Chapter 11 Debtor to Terminate A Trademark License

Can a trademark licensee continue to enjoy his rights if the licensor goes bankrupt? Federal courts are now split on the issue.

Cox Communications Makes Its Mark as the First Major Cable Provider To Lose its DMCA Immunity from Copyright Infringement

Internet service providers can forfeit their immunity from copyright infringement if they ignore repeated notices of their customers’ wrongdoing.