Representative Trade Secret Cases

StaffBridge, Inc. v. Gary D. Nelson Associates, Inc.
Suffolk Superior Court

Sunstein defended the largest provider of temporary staffing and personnel management in Northern California against charges that, in developing its workforce management software, it misappropriated the trade secrets of StaffBridge, its former application service provider. By calling into question the trade secret status of most of the components of plaintiff’s application and demonstrating the fundamental differences between the competing programs, the case was substantially narrowed such that a favorable outcome was achieved in mediation. On a critical point, the court endorsed our analysis and established a requirement that Massachusetts plaintiffs identify their trade secrets in detail at the earliest stages of litigation.

Brahmin Leather Works, Inc. Surette
Suffolk Superior Court

Brahmin’s success in the global marketplace as a designer and manufacturer of leather handbags and accessories rests upon its proprietary, trade secret integration of design, manufacturing processes, vendor relationships, and sales. When confronted with direct competition from a former Brahmin executive, Sunstein obtained an emergency injunction which comprehensively enforces all terms of the executive’s non-competition agreement.

Duracraft Corp. v. Holmes Products Corp.
Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court

Sunstein argued successfully that the summary dismissal process of the anti-SLAPP statute cannot be used to abridge our client’s constitutional right to seek judicial enforcement of a voluntary, pre-existing non-disclosure agreement. The Court upheld enforcement of an employment-related non-disclosure agreement against challenge under the Massachusetts anti-SLAPP statute.

Statistical Innovations, Inc. v. Marsh, et al.
Middlesex Superior Court

In this action for violation of confidentiality and non-competition contracts, violation of license agreement, misappropriation of trade secrets and unfair competition, Sunstein successfully obtained a preliminary injunction against defendants, prohibiting them from any further use of our client’s proprietary computer software program and related confidential information.