Practicing Law at Sunstein

If you work as a professional at Sunstein, you are likely to be motivated, talented, and interesting—motivated to excel in developing as a professional and in representing our clients, talented at achieving these ends, and interesting in that you bring a unique perspective to bear on your work. While our professionals have widely diverse backgrounds, we share a passion for the practice of law and respect for the contributions of our colleagues.

An entrepreneurial view of the workplace predominates in our firm. Our associates are entrusted with substantial responsibilities in both substantive legal matters and in client relations. On the other hand, as a matter of policy of our firm, there is a responsible partner for every matter, so there is never uncertainty about sources of supervision or guidance. Our work environment emphasizes collegiality and the sharing of specialized knowledge and expertise both to deliver outstanding services to our clients and to foster professional growth of our attorneys. Independently, both the Boston Globe and the Boston Business Journal have ranked our firm high in their 2008 listings of Best Places to Work.

Professional development of our attorneys is a key part of the environment of our firm. In addition to experiencing the supervision of responsible partners, our associates participate in monthly meetings of practice groups pertinent to their activities in the firm. We currently have practice groups in the areas of business, litigation, patents, trademarks, and copyrights. Our firm also offers formal in-house training programs in a number of basic areas, and we support and encourage the participation of associates in continuing education programs. (In fact, senior attorneys from our firm are frequent panelists in continuing education programs.) Our practice emphasizes strategic planning as a critical part of our representation, and we typically involve associates in this process, with a view toward assuring that this approach is maintained as a hallmark of our practice. We also have a mentoring program to assist associates in their professional development.

Salaries paid to our associates are competitive with those of other major intellectual property firms of the United States. Associates are provided with annual reviews of performance and compensation. Because they team regularly with partners in work assignments, our associates also receive feedback about the level of their performance on an on-going basis.

Attorneys at Sunstein work at the highest levels of the profession and are expected to devote substantial time to their careers. Our benchmark for attorney productivity is fixed at 1800 billable hours per year, and the average number of hours worked by associates is consistent with this benchmark. We provide substantial bonus compensation for attorneys whose productivity exceeds the benchmark.

In summary, our firm offers outstanding opportunities to individuals who seek careers where initiative counts, where collegiality and professional development are key parts of the culture, and where planning, insight and perspective are seen as fundamental to the practice of law.

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