Sunstein Life Sciences Team

Timothy M. Murphy, Life Sciences Practice Group Chair

Brings prosecution skills to bear in defending companies’ rights in innovation and discovery. Prosecution involves IV delivery systems, blood processing equipment, surgical instruments, diagnostic equipment, and pharmaceuticals. Experience with patent litigation and interferences relating to pharmaceuticals and medical devices.

Nancy C. Wilker, Ph.D., J.D.

Uses her experience with patents, trademarks, trade secrets, product clearance, due diligence, and intellectual property agreements to help her clients maximize value and avoid problems.  Prepares and prosecutes patents in a variety of biotech areas including transgenic plants and animals, cancer biomarkers, stem cells, new genes, vaccines, antibodies, biological and small molecule chemical therapeutics, nucleic acid and protein detection and analysis technologies.  Manages global patent and trademark portfolios.

Kathleen Madden Williams, Ph.D., J.D.

Dr. Williams has extensive experience helping biotech and pharmaceutical companies avoid roadblocks and laying the groundwork for new commercial efforts. She advises clients on patent portfolio creation and management, patentability and freedom to operate, patent prosecution, and intellectual property due diligence for corporate transactions such as investments and acquisitions. She works closely with companies to ensure that intellectual property is effectively protected and that third-party patents are analyzed. Her clients include start-up life sciences companies, as well as pharmaceutical companies, research institutions and investors.

Elizabeth N. Spar, Ph.D., J.D.

With more than 13 years of technical experience in diversified academic research environments, Dr. Spar has drafted patent applications in the fields of molecular and cellular biology, immunology, antibodies, RNAi, biologics, biosimilars, protein expression, genetically transformed plants for use as vaccines and immunogens, genomics, drug discoveries, gene therapy, antitumor therapies, screening assays and protease assays.

Denise M. Kettelberger, Ph.D., J.D. 

Dr. Kettelberger offers her clients more than twenty years of experience as an intellectual property lawyer, particularly in the bioscience industries, including biotechnology, agricultural biotech, medical devices, and pharmaceuticals. She has special expertise in IP procurement and enforcement strategies, portfolio review, and freedom to operate, including infringement analysis and patent claim construction.  Dr. Kettelberger handles strategic management of complex IP portfolios and prepares due diligence opinions and assessments of intellectual property estates.  She is responsible for evaluating new product launches while addressing associated potential infringement concerns and licensing opportunities. Dr. Kettelberger also participates in litigation as a strategist and has been responsible for reexamination of US patents and the evaluation of the new post-grant procedures.  She is a superior negotiator and has been involved in numerous mediations.

Amy DeCloux, Ph.D., J.D.

Dr. DeCloux focuses on the prosecution of patents in the fields of immunology, cellular and molecular biology, biochemistry and medical devices. She also prepares patentability, infringement and freedom-to-operate analyses. She is a former Examiner at the USPTO.

Alexandra Cavazos, Ph.D., J.D.

Dr. Cavazos counsels pharmaceutical and biotechnology clients, with a focus on the prosecution of patents in the fields of cell and molecular biology, biochemistry, immunology, pharmaceutical formulations, diagnostics and medical devices.  She assists on business transactions and in-licensing opportunities through investor-side and defensive due diligence, and also assists venture capital firms in assessing target IP in connection with opinions on patentability, validity, freedom to operate and infringement positions.

Bruce D. Sunstein, Founding Partner

Combines expertise in patent protection with formulating sound business strategy. Has prosecuted in the fields of neuromedical measurement devices, surgical instruments, ultrasonic bone densitometers, infusion pumps, gene expression assays and indices, and polysaccharide-based compositions and methods.

Robert M. Asher, Patent Prosecution Group Co-Chair

Leads patent prosecution and enforcement, including reexaminations and litigation in areas such as medical equipment, surgical methods, and pharmaceuticals.

Jonathan Lovely, B.S. Biomedical Engineering, J.D.

Concentrates in patent preparation and prosecution and brings 8 years of industry experience as an engineer in the medical device, pharmaceutical, and industrial radiography fields. Prosecutes patents for medical and dental devices including medical valves, medical imaging and analysis equipment, laboratory and research equipment, surgical equipment and instruments, and blood processing equipment. In the biotech industry, worked on development of ultrasound imaging agents and reformulation of cancer drugs.

Kathryn E. Noll, M.S. Materials Engineering, J.D.

Prosecutes patents and counsels clients on strategic issues relating to their portfolios involving a wide array of technologies including pharmaceuticals, medical devices, diagnostic equipment, chemical processes, and nanotechnology.

Christopher Lacenere, Ph.D.

Christopher is a patent agent at Sunstein who concentrates his practice in biotech and life sciences and has particular experience in the fields of immunology, cellular and molecular biology, biochemistry, and diagnostics.  In assisting clients to develop robust patent portfolios, Christopher draws on his experience developing sophisticated analysis of complex patent portfolios in litigations.   He is a registered to practice as a Patent Agent before the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

Life Science Litigation, Trademark and Business Practice Leaders

Kerry Timbers, Litigation Group Co-Chair

Patent litigation leader with experience in strategic direction of life sciences litigation matters, including in areas such as pharmaceuticals, dialysis machines, electrochemical medical diagnostic devices, surgical methods, and intravenous valves and equipment.

Lisa M. Tittemore, Trademark Group Chair, Litigation Group Co-Chair 

Patent, trademark and copyright litigator with extensive experience in the development, management and enforcement of the trademark portfolios of local and global biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies. Lisa writes and lectures on the topic of pharmaceutical trademarks, including regarding the interplay of USPTO and FDA procedures, and is a member of the UK-based Pharmaceutical Trademarks Group (PTMG).

Thomas C. Carey, Business Group Chair

Tom has negotiated license agreements for large pharmaceutical companies, engineered the licensing, purchase and sale of patents for large and small companies (including on an anonymous basis), counseled overseas investors on tax-efficient structures for establishing research and development facilities in the US, and counseled inventors seeking to commercialize their life sciences discoveries. He has written several articles about patent litigation involving generic challenges to pharmaceutical patents.


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